Despite its small size, the Osa Peninsula is the Amazon of Costa Rica, nature in its most pristine state. Researchers comb the area in hope of discovering endemic species. The Osa Peninsula is home to squirrel monkeys, jaguars, sloths, ocelots, parrots and macaws. The misty hills and rainforests of the Osa Peninsula are a naturalist's delight, home to the world renowned Corcovado National Park and some of the most abundant wildlife in the country.

Getting to the Osa Peninsula is easiest by boat, 11 miles across the gulf from Encanto. Residents at Encanto have views of the southern shores of the Osa Peninsula, including the seaside town of Puerto Jimenez, and Cabo Matapalo. Puerto Jimenez is the best jumping off point for a day hike into Corvocado National Park. Cabo Matapalo has beautiful white sand beaches separated by rocky points and dramatic cliffs. From Encanto, the colorful sunsets light up the Osa Peninsula and the southern Pacific Ocean.

Encanto itself has an abundant wildlife population and a mile-long hiking trail through its land. In addition to the Osa Peninsula, Encanto's residents are close to the treasures of Zancudo, Pavones, and Golfito.