Uniqueness. Flair. And No Hassles

Encanto's homes are meticulously designed around the views, trees, breeze and light.  Owners have a unique, architect-designed home that lives comfortably and is elegantly appointed by an interior designer. Encanto offers buyers the option of whole 100% ownership or 1/6th fractional ownership in a specific unit in the Miradores jungle lodge or the Aguas Verdes house.

In addition to the natural wonders of Encanto's 58 acres and the area's beaches and jungle, residents can enjoy numerous amenities and services. Among these are a rainwater fed swimming pool, a private mile-long nature trail, private café, transportation service and concierge. When owners depart, the convenience continues. Personal effects are placed in private, in-residence lockers, and Encanto's staff will store surfboards, windsurfers and fishing tackle in the secure gear garage. Everything is ready and waiting for the owner's next visit.