Team Encanto

Preserving nature's beauty and ecosystems can happen hand in hand with developing meaningful communities.  Integrating sensitive architecture with our desire for clean water and fresh air does not need to destroy the beauty we seek.  Aquí Volveré S.R.L., Encanto's developer, is building a truly green, very low density, sustainable community.  At the project's completion, the wildlife will be better protected, the land more reforested, and the water cleaner.  Leaving this place better than we found it is an overriding desire.

In addition to being a partner in Aquí Volveré S.R.L, Brian Neumann is a registered architect with over 20 years experience.  As a principal of a Northern California architectural firm, he has worked on some of the most innovative residences and historic buildings in California.  Mr. Neumann is Encanto's designing architect and construction advisor.  Lisa LaMagna, the other partner in Aquí Volveré has two decades of business consulting experience in the United States, primarily in crisis project management and investment banking.  She has developed other properties in Costa Rica and is the project coordinator and quality-control manager for Encanto.

Engineer Vladimir Pérez H. of Pérez & Hernandez Associates is the local project architect and structural engineer for Encanto.  Mr. Perez previously worked within the Municipality of Golfito and is very well acquainted with the area's strict guidelines for environmental sensitivity and construction management.

Dos Perros Bravos de Cuervito SRL administers the on-site construction.  Dos Perros' key personnel have built and refurbished some of the most beautiful homes in Pavones and the surrounding area.  The company employs local craftsmen.

Arturo Ortiz Sanchez, Abogado & Notario is Encanto's legal counsel and notary.  Mr. Ortiz handles all contracts, escrow accounts and closings.  Mr. Ortiz has completed many real estate transactions and conducted numerous investigative title searches in the area.  Mr. Ortiz's office is located near the Parque Sabana in San Jose, and he speaks fluent English.